Minsensorsv系列-6 Channel Servo Controller for Raspberry Pi

NT$ 700

This board fits over the GPIO pins of Raspberry Pi, and can connect upto 6 servos and/or I2C devices to your Raspberry Pi. This board provides power stabilization for Raspberry Pi, so that any power fluctuations won’t cause your Pi to reset. It also provides signal buffering so that you can connect higher voltage servos to the board.

  • Provides Signal buffering
  • Provides Power Stabilization
  • Normal operating voltage: 5V, 1.2amps
  • Connect I2C devices to your Raspberry Pi
  • Works with Model A, B, B+ & Pi 2
  • Control Servo movements and/or I2C devices from Python program (sample programs included, also you can write your own program)


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