Mindsensors 系列-Sony PlayStation 2 Controller interface for NXT or EV3

NT$ 1,800

Add Remote control to your Mindstorms NXT robot and control it with a PS2 joystick.
PSP-Nx-v4 let’s you connect a Sony PlayStation 2 Controller to EV3 or NXT.
Using this interface, values of all 16 buttons and joysticks of your PS2 Controller can be read by the EV3 or NXT over the wireless link.

  • Easy to use design
  • Supports EV3-G, NXT-G, RobotC, LabVIEW and NXC/BricxCC
  • Provides PS2 controller joystick positions and button presses to EV3 or NXT
  • Also provides extent of pressure applied on controller buttons
  • Max power consumption: 15mA at 4.7V

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