Mindsensors 系列-Motor Multiplexer for NXT

NT$ 2,400 NT$ 200

This motor multiplexer (MTRMX-Nx) is specifically designed medium power motor controller to connect RCX LEGO motors to NXT. This multiplexer connects directly to one of the digital sensor ports of NXT and the power for the motors is supplied from an external source. It’s designed as Quad 35 Volt 0.6 amps H-Bridge motor drive.

This multiplexer drives 9 volt RCX compatible Lego electric motors (Lego 71427, 74569, 43362 or Electric RC Race Buggy Motor 5292).

* Ease of use and flexibility.
* Drives upto four motors independently.
* Forward, Reverse, Brake and Float control.
* 256 speed settings for each motor.
* Read/write control for all the parameters of motor.
* Uses external power supply (up to 35 Volts) for motors.
* Supported in NXT-G, NXC/NBC and RobotC
* Maximum power consumption: 1.5mA at 4.7V

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