Mindsensors 系列-MultiSensitivity Accelerometer and Compass for NXT or EV3

NT$ 2,400 NT$ 2,000

AbsoluteIMU-AC has an Accelerometer, Compass and Magnetic field sensor in one device. You can read them at once, and since these sensors are on a single rigid substrate, there is no relative movement between them.

This device can be used to measure static/dynamic acceleration and tilt in different axes, and get magnetic heading.

  • Tilt Sensor resolution: 1 degree
  • Compass resolution: 1 degree
  • Accelerometer Resolution: 10 milli-g
  • Tilt Compensated Magnetic Compass
  • Accelerometer sensitivities: 2G, 4G, 8G, 16G
  • Current consumption: 2.1 mA at 4.7V

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