Mindsensors 系列-EV3 Sensor Multiplexer for EV3 or NXT

NT$ 1,850

Do you need to connect several EV3 sensors to your robot at once?
Not enough Sensor ports?
No worries, EV3 sensor multiplexer is designed for that purpose.

  • Connect upto 3 sensors on single sensor port
  • Works with NXT or EV3.
  • Connect any of the LEGO EV3 sensors.
  • High speed polling architecture for high performance robots.
  • EV3SensorMux does not work with third party sensors.


Supported Sensors:

  • EV3 Ultrasonic Sensor
  • EV3 Gyro Sensor
  • EV3 Infrared Sensor
  • EV3 Color Sensor
  • EV3 Touch Sensor

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